Your Local Vape Shop in Palestine, Texas

G’s Vape & Smoke is proud to announce that we have opened our first vape shop on Crockett, Rd. in Palestine, Texas. We are excited to serve our neighbors and we can even deliver to your doorstep– as long as you are within our 15-mile radius. 

Our vision is to help you find an alternative solution to smoking cigarettes, as well as provide an avenue to enjoy yourselves, relax your mind and body, and find a type of healing that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Our staff is dedicated to excellent customer service and we treat every customer like family. Whether you need more background information on a product, are looking for a new alternative to smoking cigarettes, or just want to have a friendly chat, be sure to stop by our local vape shop!

Making an Impact in Palestine, Texas

Palestine, Texas, is a relatively small town located in the Piney Woods. Businesses are always booming in this neighborly town, which is a reason G’s Vape & Smoke decided to open its location here. Apart from giving back to our community, our shop believes this location is a great opportunity to leave a positive impact on our neighbors. 

There is a prevalent live-hard, die-young culture that runs through this town. This culture tends to introduce some rather unhealthy habits that we believe we can help change. Chain smoking is popular amongst our neighbors, and life expectancy lags across most East Texans. G’s Vape & Smoke is committed to offering alternatives to the residents’ lifestyle choices.

What Does Our Vape Shop Offer Palestine?

G’s Vape & Smoke has a lot to give to Palestine residents and surrounding communities. We offer a wide range of vape mods, e-juice/salt nicotine juices, and disposable vape devices. These products offer an alternative to smoking cigarettes and make the transition as enjoyable as possible. 

We also carry many Delta-8 products, such as edibles, wax, candies, tinctures, and cartridges. We believe in the healing effects of Delta 8, and we want to share these benefits with our community. Sam is very passionate about teaching people about cannabis and suggesting products for specific needs.

Do you have pets that demonstrate a lot of anxiety, inflammatory problems, or seizures? Our CBD products for pets might be the solution you are seeking. We are a shop made up of animal lovers and want to help you improve your furry companion’s health.

We Care About You!

Aside from offering competitive pricing for all of our products, we also offer a 10% discount to first responders, correctional officers, and the military. Thank you for your service. Let’s keep making a difference! 

Although our business is brick and mortar, we offer delivery services to neighbors up to 15 miles away. There’s no need to hop out of bed and get dressed for the real world. You can stay cozied up, and we’ll bring the juices to you!

Stop By Our Palestine Vape Shop

Prepare to be blown away as soon as you walk through our doors. We have hundreds of products stacked up on our walls that can keep you entertained for hours. Not to mention, our conversations can be quite exciting too. But don’t worry. We’ll skip the small talk if you have places to be, and provide you with the products that will help you be the best version of yourself.

Come check out our great deals and life-changing products. We have novelty items including shirts, hats, incense, air fresheners, detox, cups, trays, and more. Instead of listing out our wide selection of items, why don’t you check us out in person? We can save our breath for more important matters. No, but seriously, we are excited to meet you!

Order Now

We make deliveries after 5 pm Monday through Thursday and during normal business hours the rest of the days. As long as you are within a 15-mile radius of our shop, we come to you.

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